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We Are Here For You


Anshei Emuna Congregation welcomes you! We are a mid sized congregation with approximately 220 families. Our aim is to be a warm, caring and compassionate congregation where yearly residents, snow birds, snow flakes, visitors and vacationers feel welcomed. Anshei Emuna is a modern Orthodox synagogue located in the beautiful residential neighborhood of Delray Beach.  Delray Beach borders Boca Raton where numerous Jewish day schools and kosher establishments are available.


Rabbi Jack Engel brings a fresh approach to serving the needs of the Anshei Emuna community. His over thirty years of experience as a pulpit rabbi in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand gives him a uniqueness in comprehending the diversity of the global Jewish community. He is a strong advocate for promoting a spirit of Religious Zionism and is passionate to refocus Orthodox Judaism on the Torah’s core values.


Rabbi Jack has cultivated strong relationships in the broader Jewish community and believes that being an Or Lagoyim – a light unto the nations refers first and foremost to our Jewish brothers and sisters. He is open minded yet firm in his conviction, but is always willing to discuss matters of halachah pertinent to the Modern Orthodox Jew.

Daily and Shabbat Services


Weekday Services

Shacharit                                             8:00 am

Mincha & Maariv                              6:30 pm



Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat            6:30 pm

Shabbat Shacharit                            9:00 am




Morning Services – 9:00AM